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Friday, July 18, 2008

The Answer is Curitiba, Brazil

Recently, i became fascinated with the country of brazil. What u know abt brazil? maybe some of u think abt brazil is the capital- Brasilia which comes to mind or Rio de Jeneiro or maybe Amazon River.

However, for me the greatest city in brazil in all of South America is Curitiba. huh curitiba? some of u never heard before. y i said that the city was great. The reasons that i find Curitiba fascinating are many.

First, it's one of the oldest cities in the Americas, founded in 1653 by the Portuguese. The name, curitiba went through a series of changesfrom the original Guarani word, "kur'yt'yba". The words means pine nut and the currebnt spelling became official in 1919.

One more things that i find enchanting abt the Metropolis of curitiba is its similarity to so many cities in the Unied Stated. Curitiba is an ultra modern city with the population approaching two million. It is not only modern, but it is a leader in many civic and industrial areas. For example, their transit system is a paradigm for the world. Transportation in curitiba is by " central hubs" within the city where the long buses, a regular 40 passenger bus with two connected coaches in a tandem pick up their passengers for the outlying areas of the city.

The people of curitiba have a difficult tyme relating to earthquakes. Curitiba, or the entire counrty of Brazil for that matter, has never experienced an earthquake or a volcanic eruption. the country of brazil rest on a cratonic shiled, it has escaped orogenic activity for the past two hundred million years. The city was built on a plateau and the mean elevation is 914 meters, about 2900 feet. Moreover, curitiba has many green area, which along with the parks comprises 22 million square meters of park like setting.

The city of curitiba has many interesting places. There are:

Tuingui park
Part of the biggest linear environtmental park in the country, established at the Bariguii river margins, its reminds us of the indians who used to live there, with he statue of Tindiquera Chieftain. The Ukrainian Memorial is also there.

Japan Square
Homage to the sons of the "rising Sun", who settled there dedicating themselves to agriculture. Scattered around the square are 30 cherry trees sent from japan by the Nipponese empire and artificial lakes Japanese style.

German Wood
The wood has various features to celebrate and promote the German traditions. The replica of an old wooden church, built in 1933 at the Seminario neighbourhood, with neo-gothich decorative elements, shelters a concert hall called Bach's Oratium.

24 Horas Street
The street that never sleeps is the synthesis of a city which also never sleeps. it is 120 meters long and 12 meters wide. It is composed by 32 arches in metallic tubular structure, trademark of the modern curitibana architecture.

This is my 1st assignment that my lecturer gave to me last week..he told me to find out the greastest and modern city..then i choose curitiba for my assgnmnt.


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