Friday, November 30, 2007


Ahad lepas aku menonton rancangan 3R..ekceli da lama aku x tgk rancangan nie..Host still yg sama-Rafidah, Katini dan Cellina..Aku tertarik dengan isu kali nie.PERIOD..Isu yg dibincangkan mengapa kaum wanita mempunyai haid bukannya kaum lelaki. Mengapa kaum wanita senang tersinggung apabila mereka mengalami kedatangan haid . Bagaimana pulak kita menjelas kitar haid kepada anak perempuan anda yang berusia 12 tahun?..

Paling aku tertarik ada tetamu undangan yang bakal mengupas isu tersebut..hurm nk tahu sape?..Fahrin,Bell n Mr A (lpe nama la)..hhaha..seyes..aku mmg tergelak bila tgk diorang jawab pertanyaan Host 3R tue..Bell byk diam dari bercakap sepatutnya dia lebih tahu coz dia ade wife..fahrin lak banyak cakap tp ade kala nya mcm merepek...yg si MR. A, dia mmg nmpk blur pasal nie..jawapan yg diorang bg aku rasa kekadang x relevan..hahahha..lelaki mmg x tahu sgt hal nie..

Now, zaman dan berubah, aku rase lelaki pon patut tahu hal nie..diorang perlu tahu bila masanya perempuan haid,tempoh haid,simptom haid n diorang patut tahu apa perasaan seseorang perempuan bila menghadapi period cramp..cuma xperlu diorang tahu, jenis pads da la..bukan diorang yg pki kan...

Dulu aku pon malu bila datang haid, n aku xkan bgtaw sesiapa pon aku period..entahla aku rase mcm diri aku kotor sangat..nk beli pad pon aku sorok2..siap balut ngan suratkhabar lagi...tyme tu aku dok hostel..takut la dak2 laki ejek2 kan...

skang ni pon aku still segan lagi tp klu nk beli pads tue xdela sorok2..ala..aku rase lelaki skang ni dah open minded..skang kat pasaran da ade pelbagai jenama..ada pelbagai jenis pads..ada panjang, pendek, tebal, nipis, bersayap, overnite, herba.. senang crite mcm2 ade..aku setia pada yang satu..aku lebih selesa pakai KOTEX dari yang lain sbb diperbuat dari kapas..ada gak yg diperbuat dari gel..

period cramp mmg sesuatu yg mendasyatkan bg sesetengah wanita..alhamdulillah, aku x pernah lagi merasai period cramp yg teruk..penah skali tyme aku form 4..siap amek MC lagi..walaupon aku x senggugut tp aku mengalami sakit kepala yg teruk before or during period..sehingga kini aku still sakit kepala tapi tahap kesakitan tue da berkurangan..klu dulu aku xboleh tidur, cari tempat yg betul2 sunyi dan aku mesti duduk dalam gelap..dan aku rase macam nk hentak kepala aku kat dinding..aku jarang makan painkiller klu aku period..seboleh2nya aku akan tahan sakit tue..

Tadi aku kesempatan cari info mengenai aku nk berkongsi info ni dengan kalian..ekceli x semua pon aku tahu dan skang nie baru tahu..

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS).
It's a catch-all name for a variety of symptoms many women experience a few days before or during their period. Moodiness, depression, bloating, acne break-outs, soreness or feelings of heaviness in your breasts. These are all part of PMS symptoms. PMS is a drag. Modern science can put a man on the moon, but it can't cure PMS. Luckily, different PMS remedies can work for different women.

Q: What's the deal with PMS?

A: PMS, stands for premenstrual syndrome. A few days before your period, you may start feeling some soreness or heaviness in your breasts. Your stomach may feel bloated. You may get a few pimples. And thanks to fluctuating hormone levels, you may be more crabby, sad or emotional than usual. It all sounds too fabulous for words, but for most women it's not that big a deal. Some women have PMS problems, and some women have no problems at all. Exercise and hot baths can help level out the mood swings. Some natural health types swear by vitamin B, herb teas and massage. If your PMS is so horrible it seems to be getting in the way of your enjoyment of life, ask your doctor for options.

Q: How much blood do I lose during a period? A gallon?

A: It varies a lot. For most women, it's around four tablespoons, but for some, it's as much as a cup. (If you're bleeding more than that, soaking tampon after tampon or pad after pad all day long, see your doctor.) Sometimes the blood is red, sometimes it's brown, sometimes it's streaky, sometimes it's got some darker bits in it. Variety is normal (hey, it's the spice of life). Every girl is different.

Q: I heard I can actually get pregnant during my period???

A: You heard right. Women with very short (21 days or so) or irregular cycles may well be ovulating while they're still bleeding.

Q: What can I do about menstrual cramps during my period?

A: Menstrual cramps vary a lot in intensity, from woman to woman and even from cycle to cycle. You can take aspirin or other non-prescription painkillers, do mild exercise (stretches are good), or zone out with a book or video. Warmth is often helpful; try taking a hot bath or putting a heating pad on your stomach or lower back. You can also get your mother, your sister, or a friend to rub your stomach, which can be very gratifying

Q: How often will I get my period?

A; Every 28 days is average, but your cycle can range anywhere between 21 and 45 days. At first, your period will probably be irregular. The time between when you get it, the length of time you have it, and the amount of flow will all vary. As your body adjusts to this new change, your period will settle into a regular pattern; this can take a year or two. It's a good idea to mark your periods on a calendar, so you can get used to following your own cycle.

Q: Can I go swimming when I have my period?

A: Yes, you can go swimming. You should not wear a
pad however, because it will just soak up the water.

Q: Can I take a bath when I have my period?

A: Definitely. In fact, a bath or a shower is really important at this time to keep you clean and to fight off any odors that may occur.

Q: What does it mean if my period is late or irregular?

A; Your period may be irregular through the first year or two. But after that, when you've begun to menstruate regularly, missing a period may be a sign of pregnancy (if you've been sexually active). Other causes of irregularity may be stress, a change in your diet or an increase in
exercise, or drug use.

Q: Why do I feel fat during my period?

A: Just before and during your period, your body may tend to retain water. This added fluid might make you feel fat or make your breasts feel tender. Actually, it's normal to gain a couple of pounds during this time of the month -- and lose them right after your period. If you feel bloated, you may feel better wearing loose, comfortable clothing. Avoiding salt immediately before and during your period is also a good idea; salt increases water retention.

Q: Why do I feel crabby and sad just before my period starts?

A: Some women feel moody, anxious or depressed for several days before their period. These feelings are part of a group of symptoms known as
Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS). Some women don't experience PMS at all; others experience it in varying degrees. Other symptoms may include headaches, backaches, pimples, nausea and food cravings. Remember, not everyone experiences these difficulties, but for the women who do, they're very real. They're due to the hormonal changes that take place prior to menstruation. Never fear, PMS symptoms will disappear when your period begins. Your hormone levels even out and you feel fine again. The emotions and problems that seemed overwhelming suddenly feel manageable

Q: What is menstruation, anyway?

A: Biologically speaking, menstruation is your monthly opportunity to create a baby. When your body first becomes able to produce a child, usually between the ages of 9 and 16, it begins preparation once a month for possible motherhood. This time in your life is known as menarche ("muh-NAR-key"). A tiny egg matures in one of your ovaries, then travels down a fallopian tube toward your uterus. Your uterus, meanwhile, has been preparing for the egg's arrival, and its lining has gotten thick and velvety. If the arriving egg is fertilized by a sperm, your uterus is all set to protect and nourish it for the next nine months. Then (ta da!) you have a baby. If the egg doesn't get fertilized,then your uterus has no use for that thick, spongy lining. So it sheds the lining and flushes it out -- along with some blood, body fluids, and the disintegrated egg. For 3 to 6 days each month, all this stuff flows out of your body through your vagina as reddish-brown menstrual flow. After the onset of menstruation, you'll usually have a menstrual period about every 28 days (except during pregnancy), although your cycle may vary anywhere from 20 to 35 days. Skipping ahead about 40 years, when your body enters menopause, your ovaries stop producing eggs and your periods stop.

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